Trade Ally Spotlight: WESCO Distribution

Galloway Company / Trade Ally logo lockup

Galloway Company, a maker of ice cream and custard in Neenah, Wisconsin, was in the midst of several phases of retrofitting their pumping and mixing equipment with variable frequency drives (VFD). In order to submit a FOCUS ON ENERGY® incentive application, Galloway needed detailed model information on each of the VFDs being installed. Due to staffing constraints and the extra effort required for managing the facility expansion, Galloway employees could not find time to get the necessary information.

That’s when their Trade Ally, Jon Robertson of WESCO Distribution, offered to help.

Because WESCO had assisted Galloway with specifications for the VFDs, Jon already had a large portion of the information the company needed. Working with Kevin Kohlbeck, Galloway’s Energy Advisor from Focus on Energy, Robertson was able to provide most of the data needed for the application. The relatively small amount of remaining information was then much easier for Galloway employees to gather.

Without the help WESCO provided, it would have been very difficult for Galloway to get incentive – or it might not have happened at all.

WESCO has gone the extra mile as a Focus on Energy Trade Ally for more than ten years. “It shows you’re interested in their best interest,” Robertson said. “Creating happy customers gets them to think about what more they could do with WESCO. It is a win-win for both of us.”

“Jon Robertson is our Eaton certified drive application engineer,” said Green Bay Branch Manager Keith Jensen. “When Jon is involved with commissioning a drive startup, he’ll make sure the Focus customer has an operational system and receives an extended manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.”

WESCO can also help Focus on Energy customers with lighting, solar, contractor support and MRO services. Visit to learn more.

Jensen concluded, “Incentives are important to our customers, that’s for sure. But we’re also here to help Trade Allies and Focus on Energy customers make the world a better place for future generations.”

WESCO Building

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